Just because you believe it does not make it true.
If you can see the end at the beginning it’s not worth doing,
if you can see the beginning at the end it was worth having done.
Avoiding responsibility is not irresponsible.
Treat life like a poor man chicken.
Care for the those who care for you.
No one can make you happy. You have to find it yourself. Then you have something to share.
Friends make great wine from poor grapes.
Happiness is the absence of expectation.
You are not alive until your heart has been broken.
America: bunch of kids screaming in the darkness.
Security and bullshit are the same thing.
It all works out.
Nothing is like a friendly face in a strange place.
A relaxed jaw is an open vagina.
How many miles I have traveled on the promise of romance.
Meaning changes in time.
Sometimes you gotta fire a customer.
There are few great spirits and few great lives; and few great reasons for this.
In an ocean of discontent I have found a teardrop of understanding.