Royal Flushed

Sung like
Johnny Cash doing Wanted Man

This little ditty came to me one night while driving across the Nevada desert.

a man from Cincinnati
Met a man from Ballahoo
And they started playing cards
In a place called mountain dew
lefty ran the table
And he dealt the two men in
And this is where our story begins

Liesam made a small bet
And nelson raised him up
Then Liesam made a bigger bet
And nelson met the buck

Liesem said I’ll raise you
My old ford in the yard
And nelson said I’ll cover with
My gold watch from the war

Liesen said I wager
My whole patch of ground
And nelson said I’ll meetcha
With the farm from my old man

they both started borrowing
From everyone they knew
They borrowed from the barmaid
And from the bellboy to

the time the betting stopped
The whole town had gathered round
And when they turned the cards up
You couldn’t hear a sound

staring there are niesem
Aces through ten
and nothing but a spade
to be found sitting in them

staring back at nelson
In diamonds clear and bright
Was aces through ten
Oh what wondrous site
moment lived in silence
Till the sheriff stood and said
deal each man one card
And if they match deal em again

drew a deuce
And Nelson drew a ten
He felt down on his knees
and this is what he said

swear to god boys
it’s the story of my life
I think I got it all
and I’m I end up in strife

if you think this story
Has a moral to tell
Then look into your heart
And look into it well

you are ever holding
A flush of royal folk
You bet the farm the future and be
Sure that you don’t choke

gold is made from diamonds
And gold is made from spades
But gold is never made
Unless another man pays

a man from Cincinnati
Met a man from Ballahoo
And they started playing cards
In place called mountain dew