My entire life I have been certain that the greatest thing in the world is just around the next corner. Even if its a corner I have been to a thousand times.

The voyage is the destination. Once the decision to go is made I am on the journey. Its knowing that what is now is not who I am its just where. A placeholder in time.

I live for the moments between here and there that I see the character of my fellow travelers. We stop being the place that we are from, the job that we do or the experiences we have had; we become people sharing the road.

Perhaps we will me out there. We share a unique time and it would be my pleasure to share a few instances or a lifetime.

Below are some of the places I have been. I have had the pleasure of spending an instant here and there. The names aren’t really the places, they are just titles seen through the lens of my own experience.

All 50 United States – Albania – Andorra – Argentina- Australia – Austria – Belgium – Canada – Chile – China – Colombia – Croatia – Czech Republic – Denmark – Egypt – England – Finland – France – Germany – Greece – Grenada – Hungary – Ireland – Italy – Japan – Jordan – Korea S – Liechtenstein – Luxembourg – Mexico – Montenegro – The Netherlands – Northern Ireland – Panama – Poland – Portugal – Scotland – Serbia – Slovakia – Spain – Sweden – Switzerland – Taiwan – Thailand – Ukraine – UAE – Vatican City – Wales – Republic of Kazantip